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Using creative techniques and industry standard tools we offer the most robust Web, Marketing and Social Media Services available. All projects are custom and budget friendly built specific to your needs and goals.


Just a bit about us.

The Alpha Omni Company began with a single client. We started designing Shopify websites and doing Freelance Content Design. Though as the internet evolves, so do we! We add products, services and solutions as they make their way onto the market.

Today we're a small but dedicated group of professionals that is proud to provide the tools your company needs, we're fully committed to working with you to provide the best solution to fit your online needs.

Schedule your free consultation today to see how we can bring your online presence to life! To date, we've helped over 30 small and medium sized businesses and more than a couple large corporations reach their online goals. No project is too big, or too small at The Alpha Omni Company.


The foundation on which success is built. We provide services second to none, keep scrolling to find out why.

Web Services

Need a new website? No sweat. Rankings weighing you down? Covered. Listings and Review Management. We do that too.

Marketing Services

Billboards, Transit, Malls, Online and Social Media. You name it and we'll place you there. Yeah, even Times Square.

Social Media Services

Take your Social Media Presence to the next level with our powerful Full Social Media Management service.

Web Services

Website Design, SEO, and Business Localization. Start Ranking Now!

Website Design

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When we design a website, its rarely just some text on a webpage (but we can do that if you want!). Our clients receive high performing, sleek user interfaces with supercharged loading times, mobile functionality and easy to use functions, keeping visitors on site longer. Did we mention every custom website comes SEO ready?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engines are typically very picky! The way they read your code can be the difference between ranking 1st and 31st! We use industry standard tools and some outside the box thinking to get you ranked where you want to be.

Business Localization

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From listings to review management, our business localization service will get you listed and backlinked on 150+ different listing sites and apps including Yelp, Google and so much more!

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, Inc

Marketing Services

Website Design, SEO, and Business Localization. Start Ranking Now!

Social Media Marketing

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Having trouble getting returns on your social media ads? No matter what platform you want to use, we will get you distributed direct to your customers and clients feeds!

Google AdWords

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Google is the worlds favorite search engine, so it just makes good sense to be advertising there right? We use super targeted keywords and niche key phrases to hit the exact audience you're looking for!


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Most people spend over 60% of their time Outside-of-Home and we know exactly how to reach them. Billboard Advertsing; Regular, Digital, Big or Small. Metro Buses, Benches and Transit Stations. Did we mention we can put your business in Times Square? Well, we can!

“Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the Household.”
– Gary Vaynerchuck, Founder of VaynerX

Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, done exactly the way it should be.

Complete Social Media Management

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We start with the optimization of your profile, a clean description with a few emoji's, full contact information and a few highlights! When we post, our in-house design team will make your content look #HOT. Just provide us with some raw content and watch your posts transform! We're always hard at work scheduling posts and engaging potential followers and work into turning them into customers! Did we mention that we've been using hashtags since the hashtag was born? Using industry standard methods and a few "home brewed" strategies we research the most relevant hashtags for your content, keeping your Social Media profiles at the top of the stack.

Some of our Clients

We have serious pride in our workmanship, take a look at our current and previous work!



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